Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some lacrosse struggles

I thought this was an interesting read.

For years lacrosse was the little known, yet very Canadian, national sport.
Now splitting that title with hockey, it's easy to forget about the pride of Canada's little cousin.
It's even easier in Fort McMurray.
Lacrosse is, quite simply, struggling in Fort McMurray. It is in most communities a grassroots sport, and is always fighting to get off the ground. But in the isolation of Fort McMurray, it's struggling to stay on the ground.
The Fort McMurray Minor Lacrosse Association averaged between 60 and 80 registered players in the league over the past few years.
By contrast, minor baseball is expecting to break the 500 mark this season.
Even on the high end, at 80 players, that's barely enough to form teams. Spread out over a variety of age groups, many teams play mainly outside tournaments and inter-squad scrimmages.
"Lacrosse cycles. It's a 10-year cycle, but I think we're at the bottom of the cycle," said Wes Price, former league president and coach of the Junior 'B' Wolves.
"Hopefully we can keep it alive so we can climb back up."
To read the rest of the story by Greg Downs from Fort McMurray Today click here 

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