Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Richardson fires back at Govett

I thought this was an interesting post from the New Westminster Salmonbellies Facebook page. Salmonbellies president and general manager Dan Richardson fires back in response to what Colorado Mammoth president and GM Steve Govett said about Cliff Smith.

I read Steve Govett's interview on NLL Insider the other day about Cliff Smith, and read it again this am, as I really was in disbelief on what I was reading. Cliff Smith can play, he can play in any league, you wont find a better character guy on and off the floor. This kid is a leader, a real heart and soul player, popular teammate, can shoot the lights out and if you want to drop the mitts , he's ready willing and able. Why on earth would you give up on a guy like Cliff Smith, to say he might not be there yet? How bout looking inward, at things like who's he playing with, how are you playing him, how many coaches has he had in Colorado , I've lost count.
He says his Skills havent transalated in the NLL, pretty hard to put up numbers when for most of last year he was going out the back gate. The game is played with relatively the same rules, players, referee's, and he's shooting on the same goalies. I think a team that hasnt won at home in over 700 days, should be embracing "young" talented players, not tossing them aside or giving up on them , and saying he dosent have enough self discipline.
I think certain NLL Teams and certain NLL Coaches and Managers have to give the Western based kids more of a chance, instead of filling their rosters with Eastern players who are for a lack of a better term, on the southside of their careers.

Thats ok though, WLA season starts in less than 2 months, where we can watch a league full of guys, who arent quite there yet, who lack self discipline, and NLL Teams have given up on, because their Skill level isn't quite NLL ready.
Go Bellies

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