Thursday, March 10, 2011

Great story on Leblanc

Here's a great read from Jordan Maxwell of


Like most kids in Ontario, or even Canada for that matter, Stephan Leblanc grew up playing hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the summertime, learning both games from his father, Guy Leblanc.
"I always planned that if I had boys, they would play lacrosse," said his father. "He started playing lacrosse at four in Burlington. He was tall and could run and hit hard but didn't have the stick skills."
Fast forward years later, and Leblanc's crash-and-bang style has made him a pivotal part of head coach Troy Cordingley's offense, as well as a dependable player to both his teammates and coaching staff. But it didn't come without its fair share of obstacles and a dash of hard work.
Guy began to sniff out the best places to play lacrosse in order for Stephan to learn the game. His inquires led Stephan to the tutelage of Mike Brock, a brilliant lacrosse mind and coach who taught Stephan how to handle the stick.
As Leblanc's game began to develop, another serious challenge was thrown his way years later: knock-knees. Osteotomic surgery helped him to straighten them out and Guy said that Stephan fought his way back from the injury with sheer will and determination.
"We had a stationary bike and it was hard for him to do revolutions on the bike at first," said Guy. "But I tell you, he would not get off that bike until he could do it. From that point on, his legs got stronger and more powerful. It was unbelievable to watch him overcome and take something out of the injury."
His hard work and dedication led to his recovery and a scholarship to play lacrosse at Queen's University in Charlotte, NC, where he credits Taylor Wray - a former defenseman for the Philadelphia Wings - for mentoring him and helping to establish his game while making the transition to field lacrosse.

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