Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jamieson pays tribute with new stick head

In Saturday night’s game there was something different about all-star forward Cody Jamieson. 
It was something that was not apparent with the fans watching in The Blue Cross Arena or the players on opposing bench, but was very clear to Jamieson. The National Lacrosse League rookie was privately making a statement and paying tribute to Native people with the use of a new stick he unveiled against the Minnesota Swarm.
“I saw it at the sports store and thought it paid tribute to the Squamish Nation and Native people out from western Canada,” the 23-year-old from Six Nations said about the intricate design on the head of his stick. “Actually, I’ve got a lot of friends out there and thought it was a real cool design and hopefully it brings me some good magic.”
It was by happenstance that Jamieson found the new head at Powless Lacrosse Store at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena. If not for a slash that rendered his favorite stick unusable, Jamieson would never have had to peruse the 
sales racks at his hometown rink.

- by Rochester Knighthawks

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