Sunday, February 20, 2011

Former ballboy suits up in Roughnecks win

Joe Vetere expected to spend his Sunday afternoon desperately trying to stay warm in Calgary.
Instead, he will be trying to keep himself calm in Edmonton.
The Calgary Roughnecks made a roster juggle prior to its win over the Edmonton Rush Sunday, and they made a dream come true in the process.
Vetere has pictured this moment since he was the Riggers ballboy during the inaugural season of the team, some 10 years ago, and he’s nervous as all heck.
To make the trip, Vetere had to give his Heritage Classic tickets to his uncle, but it was hardly a tough decision.
“I have a way better excuse not to be there than just because it’s too cold,” said the 23-year-old right-handed forward, who has spent three seasons on the Riggers practice roster.
“To finally be in the lineup and playing is a dream come true. It’s an honour to play for this organization.”
In order to get Vetere into the lineup, Roughnecks coach Dave Pym is making a shuffle.
Rookie forwards Brandon Ivey and Derek Hopcroft are out, as is Daryl Veltman, the lefty who was a big part of the Josh Sanderson trade with the Boston Blazers.
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