Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goalies and their big gear

TSN did an interesting piece on why indoor lacrosse goalies look as big as they do.
For most of us, we know the reason, nonetheless, TSN should be given some props for spreading the lacrosse word and attempting to promote a sport they are broadcasting.

There's a simple reason why an indoor lacrosse goalie looks like, in the words of the Toronto Rock's Pat Campbell, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
A lacrosse shot can go faster than the average hockey slapshot -- and usually is fired from closer range.
"You just can't be afraid of the ball," says Campbell, an 11-year veteran of the National Lacrosse League. "I often have to convince myself that it's a rubber ball, not a bullet.
"So long as you're willing to step in front of it you'll be a great lacrosse goalie."
Paul Rabil of the Washington Stealth is the current record-holder, with a shot clocked at nearly 179 kilometres per hour. That's harder than Zdeno Chara's record-setting 170 km/h blast from last weekend's NHL all-star skills competition.
That's why goalies look like they're bloated to twice their normal size when they lumber onto the arena floor.
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