Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here's a great read from the Globe and Mail about respect among players. Roy MacGregor speaks to Buffalo Bandit legend John Tavaras about "a direct connection was made between respect and money."
There is no record of the Apostle Timothy ever attending a National Hockey League game – or even having access to the league’s Center Ice Package – yet he must have been thinking of hockey when he declared: “The love of money is the root of all evil.”
There are even those involved in the game who have concluded that money is the root cause of the game’s most troubling current issue.
Lack of respect.
It has not passed notice that virtually every time a story appears of yet another heinous hit from the side, from behind, from straight on, late, blindside, whatever – really, who even cares any more what the rule book says or does not say? – chances are pretty good the average fan will never have heard of at least one of the two players involved.
In talking recently to lacrosse players, who would be as rich and famous as the top hockey players if Canada’s two national sports were actually equal, a direct connection was made between respect and money.
Lacrosse, just for the record, has taken steps to deal with head shots, steps that are enlightened compared to the NHL.
The reason, says John Tavares, high school teacher and all-time leading scorer in the National Lacrosse League, is obvious: “You know that, next day, you’ve both got to go to work.”
Not so in the NHL, where there is no need of other work and where, if you can just stick around long enough, you’ll never have to worry about “work” for the remainder of your life.
The lack of respect is most apparent among certain “marginal players,” lesser skilled players who ride a bubble between staying barely afloat in the NHL and dropping back down to the minor leagues.
One player agent says it is understandable why some of those with less talent will do whatever it takes to play at the higher level.
To read the whole story click here http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/roy-macgregor/marginal-nhl-players-lack-respect/article1897945/

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