Thursday, February 24, 2011

Campbell River lacrosse box costs soar

Campbell River’s minor lacrosse association has built “a first class” lacrosse box complete with a score clock and Internet camera, but is now struggling to pay the bills.
The new lacrosse box at Robron Park was built for $671,532 but the association is short $97,356.
“I find myself in the unenviable position to ask the city for financial assistance,” said Kevin Mills of the Campbell River Minor Lacrosse Association. “We built this lacrosse box, we built it first class, unfortunately we didn’t have enough money to finish off paying the contractor.”
Mills said there have been a number of circumstances which resulted in higher costs. The city already contributed $213,285, the federal government funded $226,254 of the project through its Recreation Infrastructure Fund and the community and the association together raised $134,637.
With those three funding sources combined it was expected to be enough.
To read the rest of the story by  Kristen Douglas of the Campbell River Mirror click here

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