Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Leveque's trek back to the NLL

The anticipation for the 2011 season was even greater for Mammoth defenceman Matt Leveque than that of many of his teammates, as Leveque had to wait an entire year for a second chance to prove himself. After being cut from the roster in training camp a season ago, lacrosse took a back seat in his life for a large portion of 2010. The year, which was still a busy time for Leveque despite not playing in the NLL, included a few standout events that made his comeback to the league even sweeter.
Following his release from the Mammoth, he chose not to pursue playing for another team, and instead, took time away from the sport altogether. He went back to playing rugby and didn’t pick up a lacrosse stick for a couple of months. Leveque turned the focus back to lacrosse in the summer as he not only played in a summer league, but began training harder than ever in preparation for fall training camp.
His training, however, was not just traditional lacrosse drills. After he and five co-workers signed up for a relay race marathon, Leveque’s training regimen then had to include a significant amount of long-distance running. In September, the six-person team signed up for the Haney to Harrison Relay, a 100K relay race in Fraser Valley, British Columbia, that was to take place on November 6, 2010. Although there were two months on the calendar to prepare, it was even less for Leveque as an event in October would take him away from training for two-and-a-half weeks.
The event was a big one as Leveque and his fiancée, Melissa, got married in October. Their honeymoon immediately followed the wedding and Leveque had to run in the marathon just days after returning home from a two-week vacation. It is interesting to note that Leveque met his wife through the Mammoth organization, as an employee introduced the couple following an exhibition game. Ironically, the girl he met was a cheerleader for the National Football League team that Leveque grew up cheering for from across the border, the Denver Broncos.
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