Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Junior C team in Cornwall

They'll be the Cornwall junior C Celtics, after all.
The Cornwall Minor Lacrosse Association has a new junior team starting up this spring, and they'll be playing out of the civic complex . . . which was in doubt a few months ago, when association president Terry Turcotte said high floor rental costs might force the team to play at arenas outside the city.
"A contract has been ironed out, we'll be staying local,'' Turcotte said happily on the weekend.
Turcotte was pleased with a restructuring of floor rental rates; he said discussions with Christine Lefebvre, Janice Robinson and Norma Lefebvre of the city's planning, parks and recreation services went exceedingly well, and he had kudos for city council and the user fee advisory committee.
"All of it helps us to stay competitive and keep the game alive,'' Turcotte said.
Reducing costs for the association was a big reason why the Celtics now have a junior C team; it gets to play in a league that's based in the east end of Ontario. Gone are all those regular season road trips to Toronto.
The Jr. C Celtics will play a 16-game schedule. The main home night is Thursday; there'll be some Saturday night contests too.
"To me, (the civic complex) is a great facility,'' Turcotte said. "The atmosphere, well, it is what it is -- it's never going to be the Si Miller Arena. But it's a very good place to play lacrosse.''
It's all part of a lot of change for the association, which owns the new junior C franchise. There's a new Celtics logo, and new jerseys will have bands on the arms, like the old Rams jerseys of yesteryear.
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