Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Iroquois Nationals one step closer

The Czech Consulate General’s office in Toronto has confirmed to Stephen Stamp of that they have agreed to issue visas for the Iroquois Nationals indoor lacrosse team, which is to travel to Prague for the WILC in May.
This appears to be a significant step in allowing the Iroquois Nationals to participate in the tournament, though it is not the final hurdle the team will need to clear.
The CG’s office said that the team will still need to reach an agreement with the U.S. and Canada about travel issues, but this development looks like it will take care of the fact that no European Union members, including the Czech Republic, recognize Haudenosaunee passports.
The office said that normally an individual would apply for travel documents through the region in which they live, but that because the tournament is a special circumstance and the fact that Iroquois team members reside in both Canada and the U.S., they would probably apply as a group and then travel from Canada.

- by Stephen Stamp Inside Lacrosse

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