Monday, January 31, 2011

All Star Game thoughts

Now that the NHL and NFL held its all-star games, we can now all wake up and go about our business.
I'll be the first one to admit, I can't stand all-star games. I totally get these sports league's idea of having one event where the best players in the game can converge upon for the fans - a league showcase.
But how the heck can leagues, including the National Lacrosse League, make this game a little more bearable for its fans.
I've covered NLL all-star games and to be honest I didn't enjoy the game. The festivities around the event are always great, but the game itself is terrible to not only watch, but to photograph.
Like the NHL and NFL, NLL games are centred around intensity... something all-star games have none of, and who can blame the players.
These games may be celebrations of their respective sport but they are nothing more than gloried scrimmages and games of shinny.
While I'm on my soapbox about the topic, I do give the NHL credit for attempting to spark interest by having its all-star draft. Unfortunately for the league, it turned into an ego-stroking exercise with teammates picking teammates and the last guy (albeit still a millionaire) picked receiving a car. But, to their credit, the league did try something new to create a spark in an event that is brutal to watch.
So my question is, how on earth can the NLL show its brothers in sport how to put on a proper all-star game?

- by Darryl Smart

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