Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lap dancing and lacrosse

What the hell were the Boston Blazers thinking Saturday night?
While some of us were enjoying the halftime programming put on by CityTV Edmonton, people at TD Garden were treated to a lap dance competition.
No, this is not a typo.
The Blazers in-game host, a local radio DJ nicknamed DJ Hustle Simmons, held the first of a season-long lap dance contest at halftime.
While probably not the most outragous halftime promotion professional sports has ever seen, the activity angered fans who were at the game because of the Blazers' own "family fun activity" advertising. The lacrosse community in Boston is relatively young, motivated by the growth of the sport on the youth level in the communities south of Boston.
Three girls, unaffiliated with the team, competed to see who gave the Blazers' mascot, Scorch, the best lap dance.
The single guy in me thought this was hilarious, BUT, if I took my 10-year-od daughter to this game,  I'd certainly have a different opinion.
I realize there are plenty of things during sporting events that have a sexual innuendo of some kind, but this lap dance contest crossed that line.
If you want to see or get a lap dance, you've got to be 19 in Canada and 21 (in most cases) in the United States.
I know, your next comment - but they had cloths on. That doesn't matter. The fact that they were promoting lap dancing in a family atmosphere is just wrong.
The Blazers have not made a comment about the promotion.
Let's hope they do the right thing and pull the plug on this promotion. If the Blazers want a dance contest, get them to breakdance, or something.

- Darryl Smart

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