Saturday, January 15, 2011

Self feels at home in Buffalo

The Buffalo News wrote a piece on Peterborough's Scott Self, who is the self-confessed, "... one of the most well-traveled guys around."
The dude's been affective everywhere he's played and that may be why he's played for so many teams. Here's hoping he has a great season in Buffalo.
When Scott Self put on a Buffalo Bandits uniform last week for the first time in 10 years, it brought back memories -- but not the ones you might expect.
Self, who will join his new teammates tonight when they play the Wings in Philadelphia, was reminded of the time he almost made his professional lacrosse debut in 2001.
"I was a fourth-round draft choice in 1999," the Peterborough, Ont., native said. "I played hockey at the University of Guelph then, but I came to training camp, and eventually I got thrown on a protected list. So I practiced with the team in Grimsby.
"One day in 2001 I got back to my place on a Saturday morning after playing hockey, and I saw I had 10 phone messages. They all said, 'We need you to play in Rochester tonight.'"

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