Friday, January 21, 2011

New wood floor in Burnaby

A photo of Queen's Park Arena in New Westminster, B.C., is the
only wooden lacrosse floor in Canada. Soon there will be one at
Bill Copeland Arena in Burnaby.

Bill Copeland Arena will soon be joining Queen’s Park Arena in New Westminster as the only such facilities in Canada to offer a wooden playing surface.
While younger lacrosse players like the novelty and different way the ball moves when playing on a wood floor, for senior players in their 20s and 30s, it’s much easier on the joints and their bodies when they fall than playing on the current polished concrete, said Lee Loftus, past president of Burnaby Minor Lacrosse.
“Careers are shortened, that’s really what it is,” said Loftus, who was consulted on the project. “Many people stop in their early 30s as a result of knee, ankle and even hip issues. It lengthens the career of you playing the actual sport.”
Burnaby Minor Lacrosse has been lobbying for the wood floor since Copeland arena was built in 1997. In fact, the floor was included in the original arena design but didn’t go ahead because of funding issues, he said.

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