Sunday, January 23, 2011

BLAZERS TRANSACTION: Tap dancers in exchange for lap dancers

It may have been a little too late, but the Boston Blazers are still trying to save face after its infamous lap dancing competition.

Now that the Blazers on-court transactions have turned into a winning formula, off the court they exchanged the three lap dancers - who, haven't heard already, weren't affiliated with the team - for a group of teen tap dancers.
Here's a story from
A family-friendly troupe of teens twirling and tapping replaced last week's lap dancers as the half-time show at the Boston Blazers lacrosse game on Saturday night.
The National Lacrosse League’s Blazers had promised there would be changes to its halftime entertainment after fans became enraged at seeing the team's mascot receiving lap dances in the middle of the field last week.

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